Monday, November 30, 2015

Where am I in 2015?

Holla(i am saying hi to myself),
Once again,returned to my good old blog after almost a years.
Not only spiders webs are seen everywhere....
I HONESTLY felt the girl right on top this blog...doesn't even looks like me anymore!

The long awaited December is finally here....
Which means year 2015 is coming to an end in just a blink of an eye.
If you wonder where had I been all these while why no updates?

Oh great,this will be the most random and spontaneous post I ever wrote.
Ever since I got blocked by Facebook(they doesn't allow me to post my updated blog's link to all the bloggers pages),I kinda lost my interest on writing blogs anymore.

What makes me to rewrite again?Haha..I dont know man...I just do whatever my heart asked me to so Now I am here =)
Let's start..........

1)I made a big decision (not getting marry you fools!haha).I resigned and went to a new company which is totally different from What i came across all these while.

2)I am currently involved in palm oil field. Due to my previous job(non relevant to what I am doing now),I started up with operations job,slowly assisting my colleague in cash markets etc...
Haha...Sorry if you're reading right now it might probably bored the hell outta you..XD

3)So yeah...I had a new boyfriend and about how i met,I already written it down in my DAYRE hence not going to mention here anymore.He really treat me well thou, a keeper I should say =)

4)Anything else big happened? Let me think...
OH! I shifted house as well....since November...
I shifted to my primary buddy's house as his unit have better facilities (swimming pool,gym etc) compare to the place I stayed last time.

5)Last but not least,I chopped of my hair and the boy loves it.
I am still thinking whether i should keep my hair short or not.

Pheww........So these are the few incidents I could recalled that happened in my year 2015.
Looking forward for the upcoming monkey year 2016^^

As for the fate of my blog,honestly I don't know.
Like what I've always say...
Just go with the flow....

Till then.......xoxoxoxoBubbleFishxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Friday, December 19, 2014

Pre Birthday Dinner @ Hanare,Intermark

Hello Girlfriends & Boyfriends....
For after 11 months of waiting...
Here comes my Birthday month... DECEMBER~!!
A very good friend of mine,
I called him Mr.Big here.LOL wanted to bring be to a place to celebrate my birthday

It's the Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant ,HANARE which is located at the ground floor of Intermark.
"Hanare serves authentic seasonal Japanese cuisine with quality produce freshly hand-picked and air- flown in from The Tsukiji Market in Tokyo by our own staff."
I was fasicnated by how their entrance looks like..ZEN ,RUSTIC,ELEGANT.
Cozy and comfy ambience, abit shady under those deam lighting
Various tableware placed in the restaurant, even chopsticks are not only coupled with a patterned wrapping but also tied elegantly with a bow. 

Omakase (8 course  Set) RM250++
Zensai - assortment of appetizers
Sashimi - 2 kinds of raw fish
Yakimono- grilled/pan fried dish
Nimono- Simmered Dish
Kawarizara- Today's Special
Agemono - deep fried fish
Gohan - seasonal clay pot rice
Miso Shiru - miso soup with seasonal condiments

So Mr.Big ordered the above set for me.
Appetizers-Fresh Salad with Crab meat 
Frm Left:Lemon slices with seaweed,Japanese Pickled Cherry,Fresh SeaSquirm
Sashimi-Fresh Salmon Belly
Fresh Tuna & Toro
*OMG it's really fresh until I dont want to eat cooked fish anymore.LOL*
Nimono-Simmered fresh octopus with mushrooms
Yakimono-Grilled miso cod fish with condiments
Agemono-Deep Fried Cod Milt
*This totally mind-fucked me,it's freaking delicious I thought I was eating fish sperms at first.The texture is so creamy and soft you wouldnt believe what you're really eating!*
Miso Shiru
*It's just tastless and clear nothing fancy*
Gohan-Seasonal Claypot Rice
Dessert-Green Tea Matcha Pudding
Beautifully cut Fuji Apple

He himself ordered a Wagyu Beef Teppanyaki Set

 Australian Wagyu Beef Teppanyaki  Course RM135++

Australian Wagyu Beef 150gm
Kani Salad - crab meat salad
Chawan Mushi - steamed egg custard
Yasai - mixed vegetables
Tofu Steak
Garlic Fried Rice 
The garlic fried rice is so fragance and so do the rice..
Medium Well Australian Wagyu Beef Tepanyakki
*Well cooked beef so soft and tender,yummy!*

Tofu Steak
*The tofu is so smooth and silky ,it literally slips into my throat!*

There is also chawanmushi(steam egg) but I forgotten to snap a picture of it.
Overall it's a very nice meal and plus point to the ambiance.
Service is medium they need to improve alot (especially the foreign workers) despite the services charges that we paid for it.

Let's end this foodporn overloaded post with a picture of me and Mr.Big(Baymax) LOL!!!
Thank you for giving me a memorable and special dining experience.

The details of this restaurant as below:

Hanare Japanese Restaurant

The Intermark

182 Jalan Tun Razak
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Contact : +6 03 2164 2133
Business Hours: 12.00pm - 2.30pm; 6.00pm - 10.30pm (daily)

I got a bouquet of Sunflowers from Mr.Big too~!
Happy Girl is Happy ^_^

Till Then.....
xoxo BubbleFish xoxo

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Tiramisu Hero Cafe @ Singapore

Hello everyone ,
Here I am as promised I will share about this Cafe in my last blogpost .
No Doubt is The Tiramisu Hero Cafe located at Tyrwhitt Road Singapore which is just a few minutes walks away from our hostel-Blanc Inn,Singapore.

The Tiramisu Hero 
121 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207548 | T. 62925271

(Nearest MRT Lavender, 6-8 mins walk)

Sir Antonio was a Roman street cat by birth. Growing up right behind the café that brews the best coffee in the world, Sir Antonio knew his cocoa better than anyone. His story began in an accidental trip to Venice, where he stumbled upon their famous Italian “pick-me-up”.

Tiramisu – a blend of cheese, crème and coffee became Sir Antonio’s life mission. He dedicated his life to bringing only the best tiramisu to satiate anyone’s platter, human or feline.

All-day savoury menu, tiramisu and other desserts, coffee and other alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages.

We are the first batch of customers of that day and the whole place was so vintage and yet..artistic should say.
I knew this cafe because of Peggy from
She is one of the co founder of The Tiramisu Hero.
I always love to randomly read her blogposts.
My friends are all excited and anticipating the food they ordered.
Celine's Hot Chocolate with mini marshmallows
Carmen's Latte 
I ordered a set which consist of soup,main course and dessert.
All for $24.00.
My set: Savoury Creamy Salmon 
(Oven-baked alaskan salmon fillet served with asparagus and mashed potatoes)
The salmon was very fresh and the asparagus were my ultimate favourite.So chunky and juicy.
My meal later comes with a complimentary Brownies with some warm chocolate sauce.
Sooooo gooeyyyy & chewy,not too sweet as well.
Iris's choice :Aglio Olio
This dishes taste the best among our dishes!!!The prawns are huge.
If you're a huge fans of garlics and olive oil.ORDER THIS.
Celine's choice: Vegetarian Pizza
Erm.....this one tasted abit boring for my liking and NO..that yellow thingy is not sauces.
Hahahaha...I thought it was the sauce but it's just the plate's colour.
Carmen's choice: Bangers 
( A traditional British dish of an assortment of gourtmet sausages with mashed potatoes)
This one ah....hahahhahahaha...
Carmen's was having hard time to finish all things up because the portion is too huge for her.
We then decided to do the paper,scissors rock game to detemermind who would help her to finish it.
The taste of these sausage were not bad though ,maybe because we're too full at that point.
Okay...We decided to share the last few pieces.*Unpleased* face..LOL
The Tiramisu Hero Signature Tiramisu Strawberry $7.00

Eventhough we're superb full at that point but HOW CAN WE NOT TRY THEIR SIGNATURE TIRAMISU!!!
There's always space for DESERTS!!!
Slowly opening the beautifully wrapped package.
Let's dig in~!!!
I swear this is the best tiramisu I ever tried..
The cream is rich and smooth...The sponge cake below and the frozen strawberries..
Everything blends in soooo well..
Oooooo Celine is enjoying it to the max.
We had a mini coffee flavoured tiramisu as well $3.50
But the Strawberry flavoured one won my heart I even bought one more jar and dig in again.LOL
Too bad It cant withstand normal temperature .Within 2 hours you must eat all of it to make sure it' still cold and wont turn soggy.

Overall I gave this cafe a 8.5/10 .I think they need to add more choices of warm food 
(which they'd been woring on it NOW!) 
Their enviroment is great and cosy ,it's their effort of trying to make this place comes true counts.
I will defnitely come back next time to try more on their warm food and tiramisu thou.

For more information,

Till then,I hope u guys enjoy reading this Yummylicious Post.
I am still an amature learning blogger =)

Till Then.....
xoxo BubbleFish xoxo

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Singapore Trip September 2014 Part 2

Yeah this is the 2nd part of my Singapore Trip.
Hehe..Where am I ?
Oh yaya...Here...
Haji Lane.
At 1st we thought this was the Little India.

There're countless of bars over there..I bet their nice view is amazing too.
Too bad we didnt go into any one of these..
I'll let the pictures do the talking now.haha
These are my favourite pictures of all in Haji Lane.
Oh ya..They do sell so many cute stuff along the road too!
How cute are these... You tell me la.... OMG OMG..
This is the famous Mosque which located right after the Haji Lane street.
Actually there's nothing much we can do..We walked around...Our feet is slowly exhausted..ESPECIALLY CARMEN(she is having her Ms Period with her)
So we decided to take the bus to THE Merlion.
All exhausted after whole day walking around..
Plus we didnt sleep that much last night.
Similar to our Malaysia Rapid KL bus.
 The view that welcome us when we got down the bus...Wow....this is some real building.
I remember the last time I visited like 4 years ago MBS not even halfway built.
This is where our bus stop and we're actually exhausted from all the walking previously.

Four of us under the magnificent Marina Bay Sand.Thanks to a kinda japaguy who willing to help us take a group photo.We sit there for almost 30 minutes..doing nothing(selfie,laughing around,resting) LOL
Life is good....ahhhhhhhh....
Enough of rest girls? Let's walk to The Merlion sculpture-A Tourist must Visit spot.Which is also quite nearby la.
WHAT? Merlion you spitted on me?
After that we walked to another side of the Merlion scuplture and ssit on this place called Esplanade something if i am not wrong....
Too bad..the live band here doesnt play the songs that we fancy.Lol..
Then we decided to head in the buidling behind us and have some light refreshment since we're not that hungry that time and it's till quite early for dinner..
Toast Box Cake & Tea set $2.80
Hard Boiled Egg ,Tea, Otak Toast $4.90
(This is crazy YUmmzzz)
We spent a good couple of hours sitting and chatting inside this air conditioned cafe.
When we walked out again to the deck...It's Dawn...
You probably couldnt find it in Kuala Lumpur..
Its the sign of wealth,success,economy,modern.
Around 7pm we gave up to go over that place(MBS & Botanical garden ) becausse it's late and our feet are all giving up too..
So we decided to go back ur hostel and have a warm shower and rest
Mrt from City hall------ Lavendar Hall $0.77
Been aiming for this Soy Bean Pudding since the first day we touched down Singapore.
It's right outside the exit of our Lavender Hall Mrt station.
Decided to bought it at last ,$2.00 for one box
Tapaoed this (super luxirious) Teo chew style mee in one of the hawker food center nearby our hostel.
The ingredient consisted of pork,lard,big fresh prawns,fishball and etc. Cost me $5.00 which i think it's quite reasonable bah.Yummy and abit spicy thou.
And this is my Mini haul on the 2nd day.
4 tote bags $10.00 from Bugis Junction.
DreamCatcher $5.00  from Haji Lane.
Two fridge magnet $2.50 each from Bugis Junction.

So this was the end of the second day in Singapore.
That's all for this post I guess.

I will do the last day in next post and the main point of the following post is the cafe that I've been wanting to visit for the longest time!!!!
A Sneak peek for you guys to guesss where is this place...

Any idea where is this???

Stay tune for my NEXT post  ya'all...!

Till Then.....
xoxo BubbleFish xoxo